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Air Conditioning Increases Productivity

The comfort of the staff members of an organisation has a big influence on productivity. In addition to this, research carried out by scientists discovered that the humidity and temperature at the working environment has a great impact on how productive the employees are. For instance, whenever the room is hot, there is every tendency for an employee to feel sleepy or exhausted which usually leads to a dramatic low level of concentration. Secondly, when the temperature is too low, it leads to complaints and illness. The outcome of this is usually not good for the overall increase of the organisation. In order to keep employees alert and focused therefore, the office should be kept to an optimum temperature of around 20-21 degrees.

It is also important to note that not every air conditioner meets the fundamental prerequisite for an organisation and as such may not be ideal for your office in terms of the size and its functions. The fact that every employer is responsible for the health of their staff members necessitates the need to choose the right air conditioner for the offices. Let us look at some of the tips that would help you to choose the right air conditioning and how to maintain the air conditioning system in your office.

There are different types of air conditioning that you can choose from; there are portable, cooler, fan, and fitted types that you can select. The most crucial thing that you must consider before you go for any, is where you want to fix it. You must also consider the duration that you would want to use the air conditioning. If you just need a provisional cooling system, you may just go ahead and hire one for the period that you want to use it instead of buying a permanent one. Getting it right will save you a lot of cash.

The second thing that you should consider is the size that you want. The belief that a bigger air conditioner is the best is often not the case. An oversize air conditioning unit will consume more energy, which will have a direct effect on your financial statements at the end of the month. Likewise, buying a unit too small for the room size will be a waste. Therefore, you must ensure that you know the proper size of the office and the cooling system that will fit into it. The third thing that you must consider is the maintenance of the air conditioning unit. When you neglect its maintenance, you are likely to shorten the life span of the air conditioning unit. That combined with F-Gas regulations and mandatory health checks mean regular maintenance is a must. You must seek professional assistance that can come to check your air con units periodically.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 6th of August, 2011