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Air Conditioning Health Benefits

Air conditioning provides many benefits to health and other all round benefits by the way it operates. By circulating the air through an air filter dust, allergens and other microorganisms are filtered out of the rooms, leaving them healthier and cleaner. So many people are affected with allergies to house dust and pet dander and an air conditioning system can reduce the amount of allergens in the air providing lower levels that may prevent an allergy outbreak or asthma attack.

On a hot summers day air conditioning keeps people comfortable and cool and most people enjoy the personal comfort and the additional effects of a balanced environment with correct levels of humidity. Air conditioning is now normal in UK shops, office buildings, and public buildings and is becoming increasingly popular in domestic residences as well. Some people choose to air condition one room, usually the bedroom as sleeping can be difficult on hot nights and some choose a living area air conditioning unit. Many go for the whole house option.

Without air conditioning, the air becomes stale and any toxins that are released into the air stagnate, furthermore air conditioning can eliminate odours that form due to poor air quality. The air quality is well-managed by the air conditioner and gives peace of mind knowing the air quality is good and at correct levels of air flow, circulation and humidity.

Fatigue is one of the most common reactions to hot and cold temperatures, simply because the body has to work harder to keep warm, or cool down and requires additional energy to be burned, leaving the body feeling tired. When the body is exposed to high temperatures it becomes stressed and can reduce the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful viruses’ bacteria and germs.

Air conditioning is an important part of climate control and the use of central system air conditioning has grown in the UK. The demand for portable air conditioning is also rising due to their flexibility during the summer months to keep the inside of a home or business cool. These units are now one of the most sought after pieces of equipment for home comfort in recent years.

With the change in the world’s climate and evidence of air pollution, a product like air conditioning, which was never considered a necessity in the UK, is now proving to be something that many people in the UK are reluctant to be without having experienced some extreme summer temperatures in recent times.

Air conditioning can provide a healthy cool environment in the home during the hot summer months and can provide cost heating in the wintertime. The all round benefits are becoming more and more well known and more and more people are seriously considering the surprisingly affordable way to control the air quality and temperature in their homes.

Posted in: Domestic Air Con Solutions Latest News - On: 26th of March, 2012