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We have a great range of reverse cycle heat pump systems that will maintain the temperature of your home office or workshop throughout the year.

An inverter driven heat pump air conditioner will ensure that you don’t have to think about the cost of running an electricity guzzling convector heater or oil filled radiator so that you can stay warm and comfortable during the winter months. With an EER (energy efficiency ratio) of over 3.4,  inverter heat pump units use only 1Kw of electricity to produce over 3.4Kw of cooling/heating energy.Also air source inverter heat pump units currently only attract 5% Vat on supply and installation, quite a saving when compared to the 20% we are all facing at the moment.

If you are looking to have an air sourced heat pump installed in your home office, small workshop or games room why not give Sub Zero a call on 01709 878179 to book a free of charge no obligation site survey and see how you could actually save money.

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