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Air Con and Refrigeration Legislation

For people who own equipment that has ODS or F-gases such as refrigeration or air conditioning, there is a need to manage such equipment in order to prevent environmental pollution. There are legislations that govern the usage of these equipment, and observing the rules help to enhance a greener environment that is desirable by all. In summary, these legislations state that you must only allow skilled people to handle your refrigerant gases, you should also contain and destroy refrigerant gases in the proper ways, you must plan for the future of your equipment, and you must consistently get professionals to check the equipment for leakages (at least once every year for small units but for bigger equipment, the checking should be more than once in a year).

Obeying these rules is crucial to the well being of the owners of this equipment and for the general public at large. It is important to understand what the rules in order to have perfect picture of what these issues are all about. F-Gases refer to fluorinated greenhouse gases and they are a family of gases that contains fluorine. These are very powerful greenhouse gases that have the capability to trap heat in the atmosphere, thereby contributing to global warming. ODS on the other hand refers to Ozone Depleting Substances. These are chemicals that cause the ozone layer to reduce thereby allowing dangerous rays to enter into the atmosphere. In order to prevent these from being exposed therefore, there is the need to introduce safe substitutes where possible.

This is where the legislation comes into play, making the owners of equipment responsible for maintenance. The legislation requires owners to know the amount of gases in their equipment. This will enable them to know when to test for leakage and when not. For instance, less than 3kg of F-gas does not need to be tested for leakages but anything from 3 to about 29 kilograms needs to be tested annually. Seeking assistance from the supplier would be a great idea since the supplier knows a great deal about the air conditioning equipment and can assist you in the maintenance of the unit.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 23rd of July, 2011